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Vita/artistic curriculum vitae/currículum vitae artístico Ronald“Arnold“Hänsch

Ronald Arnold Haensch

Ronald “Arnold” Hänsch (born 27/07/1966 in Potsdam, Germany and brought up in Werder/Havel, Germany) received, when 8 years old, his first trumpet from the hands of his father. He was the pupil of Herbert Kamprath at the “Gebrüder Benda”(Benda Brothers) music school of Potsdam from 1976 until 1983 when he graduated with distinction in the subject “Dance and Entertainment music/ Jazz”. He then moved on to study with Hans-Joachim Graswurm and Claus-Dieter Knispel at the “Hanns Eisler” High school for music in Berlin (1983 – 1987), passing in 1987 his trumpet exam and additionally in 1991 his Diploma of music teacher. From 1985-1989, Ronald Hänsch played in the funk rock band “LAMA” with which he contributed to radio, TV and record productions. After completing his military service as Flugelhorn player in the central orchestra of the Armed Forces of the German Democratic Republic the much demanded trumpeter went on to play in the Big Bands of Dieter Keitel and Alfons Wonneberg, in Hubert Katzenbeier’s Sextett, in the band “Berlin Brass Machin”, in Rolf von Nordenskjöld’ Septet and Orchestra with which he won numerous prizes. With his own seven member band “Arnold Hänsch Jazz band”, founded in 1993, he participated in many important performances such as at the Komische

Oper in Berlin (Berlin’s comical opera), at the Doges’ Palace in Venice, at numerous Jazz festivals and the “Night of the castles” events in Potsdam. He was requested time and again for recordings and shows, performed with Radio Big Band Berlin (GDR), with the Günter Gollasch Orchestra, the television orchestra Jo Kurzweg, with the Brandenburg Philarmonie Potsdam, and The German Movie Orchestra of Babelsberg, or the Big Band of the German Opera of Berlin. Added to that were engagements with the musicals “ Shakespeare & Rock’n Roll” (1997) and “Dreamgirls” in the Theater des Westens (famous theatre in Berlin).The list of shows he participated in, in the acclaimed Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin is impressive: “Elements”, “Jingle bells”, “Berlin Revue”, “Wunderbar”, “Revue Palast”, “Hexen”, “Casanova”, “Glanzlichter”, “Rythmus Berlin”, “Sommerrevue 2008”, “Qi”, and “Winterträume 2009”. He also participated in Klaus Maria Brandauer’s production of the “Three penny opera” at the Admiralspalast in Berlin (2006) and in various show bands with whom he travelled through Hungary, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Poland, Cuba and Russia.He has worked with a large number of well-known soloists from the worlds of classical, jazz and popular music. (See list noted further down).Since 1998 he has been a permanent member of the Ensemble “ Jazz im Frack”. In 2004 he became co-founder of the “Celebration-Orchestra Germany” and of the “ Celebration-Horns” who have been cooperating since 2005 with the “Antenne Allstarband” (Radio Station Antenne Brandenburg) and since 2008 with the “Kruse” band. 2005 saw a study trip to Cuba where he worked with Enrique M. Rodriguez in Havanna. The Instituto Cubano de la Musica invited him to the international Jazz festival “Jazz Plaza 2010” to work together with the Cuban band “Gala Mayor”. Ronald Hänsch started his pedagogical career in 1988 with teaching trumpet, Jazz ensemble, Dixieland-Band, Big Band, and Improvisation at the Hochschule für Musik “Hanns Eisler” (1988-1995), at the “Städtischen Musikschule Potsdam” (municipal music school Potsdam, since 1991), at the University of Potsdam (1994-1996), at the Free University of Berlin (2001-2003), also at the “Music School Berlin-Tempelhof” (1992-1996) and Neubrandenburg (1995/96). The tireless trumpeter founded his own music school in January 1994 in Potsdam. The same year saw the foundation and expansion of the Big band “Big Pack” at the municipal music school “Johann-Sebastian Bach” in Potsdam; which in 2009 celebrated its 15th birthday with a Cuba tour. In the last few years he has also had many activities as teacher, leader of Jazz workshops, Event manager, and especially as Advisor and Judge in the “Jugend Jazzt” (Youth Jazz).This outstanding trumpeter and Flugelhorn player, Ronald “Arnold” Hänsch also composes and arranges for “Jazz in Frack”, “Arnold Hänsch Jazzband”, “Celebration Orchestra” as on request and in his meager free time can be seen relaxing in the clouds thanks to his A class Private Pilot Licence.

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